Liberation of colour 

This image is part of a body of work where I attempt to put form to some of the writings and assertions about colour made by the painter Winifred Nicholson. Creating props directly from Nicholson's writings, separate groups of props inhabit a single set and perform a series of practical interpretations, or experiments about how colour works. I was drawn to the mix of poetic and possibly pseudo scientific ideas within the writings and was curious to see how these might play out visually. The exerts of Nicholson’s writings (found in letters and essays), are as follows:

“A large blue square is bluer than a small blue square. A blue pentagon is a different blue from a triangle of the same blue.”

“Yesterday I set out to pick a yellow bunch to place as a lamp on my table in dull, rainy weather”

“…and also have had a spell of painting in this frost, moon and snow – I like it very much – snow light is magic.”