All rooms are the same

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All room are the same, is the third in my series of adapted novels. Here I use Jean Rhys's 1930's novel Good Morning, Midnight, where a depressed woman moves from one substandard Parisian hotel room to another. In relation to this novel and thinking about how the residue of a story is left with the reader, it was the repetition of the word 'room' that had stayed with me and became the story, whilst other themes and narrative details had dropped away over time. By returning to the novel and working methodically through it, my aim was to create a distilled version of the narrative which would reflect my reduced sense of the story. Therefore, by rendering all other themes through the novel as unreadable, I have made both a visual and poetic reading of 'rooms'. (I performed a short reading of the text at the Leeds International Book Fair held on 2nd & 3rd March)

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